Do I need a trainer for this?

This blog is part of a series on training methods and training advice. In the first blog, I caution readers to take internet advice with a big grain of salt. See that blog here. This article is internet advice and doesn't necessarily apply to you so please treat it with the same skepticism you would any source -- and Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns. An important part of living with your dog is working through training issues together. It's these experiences of working with your dog that set the stage for the rest of your relationship. In the best examples, dog and handler work through a series of interactions on a daily basis, and those interactions are framed by trained cue

The Pooch Perfect Guide to Training Methods, Internet and Television Advice... *including our own!

Please read this article before taking any internet training advice -- including advice from this site! A lot of dog owners (including some pro trainers) seem to be caught up in the debate between fans of Cesar Millan’s “Dog Whisperer” and fans of positive reinforcement – and pro trainers aren’t alone. Pooch Perfect gets quite a few calls from poor owners a few months after taking training advice from online or television training gurus or the pro-trainers that follow them – and it’s up to Pooch Perfect to help them out of these very sticky situations. Although we don't mind a little extra business now and then, we would rather if people avoided bad advice in the first place. This Blog aims

Training Truisms: Truthiness You Can Trust

Pooch Perfect has gathered a few training truisms that you might find helpful as you navigate training issues with your dog -- in fact, many folks could have been saved a lot of headaches had they kept these gems in mind. Keep in mind that although these training tips are quite general and hold true the majority of the time, they still qualify as online advice so please take these tips with a grain of salt as described in this Blog. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Any advice (especially free advice) is worth only what you pay for it. Do your own research and talk things through with people you trust or Contact Us. Easy answers are usually worth less than free advice. More o

Training Techniques Used and Promoted by Pooch Perfect

A lot of people ask about the training methods Pooch Perfect uses. That's a good question, but most people are confused about what a "training method" is and how professional trainers use them. Pooch Perfect doesn't use canned advice. Many trainers have sets of exercises ready before they even meet you and your dog -- but that's because so many of them subscribe to popular training ideologies that instruct their followers to use a certain "method" and no other. Those trainers believe their "method works" while "other methods don't work". We discuss why this is the case and why this idea is frankly nuts, in this blog: The Pooch Perfect Guide to Training Methods, Internet and Television Advic

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