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Training targets standard skills and includes attention to foundational skills not part of a behaviour modification program. See our Training Page for more details on what we train and our Blog for details of how we train.


All training requires an initial assessment / goal-setting conversation where we will take your dog's history and gather all the information necessary to create a successful personalized training program. We normally schedule

30 to 60 minutes for these conversations, then we can start the training right away. We can usually teach you between three and five skills during this initial appointment.


Assessments can include a written report including training recommendations upon request.


Assessments cost $65/hr + HST.


Ongoing email and phone support is included.

Rehabilitation and Behaviour Modification

Rehabilitation targets more serious behavioural issues that affect the psychological wellbeing of the dog or have a significant impact on the security and satisfaction provided by the
dog / owner relationship - either to dog or owner, or both.


All rehabilitation and behaviour modification require an initial converation where we will collect all information relevant to your dog's history and development, especially regarding the targeted behaviours. We normally schedule 60 to 120 minutes for these conversations. You may request a detailed written report including a full program of rehabilitation and skills.


Behaviour Modification costs $75/hr + HST.


Ongoing email and phone support is included.