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We offer promotions and specials from time-to-time.
Check back!

Some specials occur all the time - like specials that are important to us.



Imminent Surrender Special

At Pooch Perfect we want as many dogs to stay in their homes as possible.

If behaviour problems mean you will have to surrender your dog, we will

provide you with discounted rehabilitation and training services --

depending on the case, sometimes at steep discounts!

Fair warning -- you may need to change up some of your routines to

help your dog succeed. CONTACT US and we'll show how.



Required Training Special


If your dog requires training as a condition of adoption or to prevent its destruction -- we want to help! CONTACT US to arrange for a discount. Every dog deserves a loving home.



Preferred Partner Promotion


We support our network of dog lovers. If the Humane Society, a local Vet, or a dog walker in our network recommends you come to us, you come to us with a discount! CONTACT US so we can get started!

Promotions and Specials

Up to

40% off!

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