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See what others say about Pooch Perfect.

Ewa R. Adopted

9y.o. Sadie the Poodle and

3y.o. Akeela the GSDX

February 04, 2021

I just wanted to let you know, that Akeela has improved so much. People on the street are making comments "what a good girl". It isn't the same every day, but there is a big progress, thanks to you! If anyone ever needs a dog training, I will recommend you!

Ewa R.

Tara & Alex engagement-49.jpg

Alex S. drove from Scarborough to Hamilton to train!

Adoped a nine-month-old Great Dane, Banksy

July 29, 2018

We can't recommend Mark and his training services more!


He was so patient with us and taught us exactly what we needed to do to ensure we could support our big Great Dane rescue.

His ability to recognize situations, identify behavioural challenges, and ultimately, teach us as owners changed our relationship with our dog. Before seeing Mark, our boy couldn’t be around other dogs as we thought he was aggressive.


Through coaching and training, we learned to understand it wasn’t aggression, it was anxiety and we worked on a plan to help with it. Now we are extremely happy dog parents with a happy, calm, fun loving dog that LOVES people and other dogs.

If you’re looking for training support, don’t hesitate to contact Mark. He was worth every second!

Alex S.

Fred and Marlene B.

Adoped Trixie, a four-year-old

Poodle Mix

March 02, 2014


You... ...were certainly a great help to us. Thanks for all the good work that you guys do for the dogs. Thanks for the advice re off-leash barking. We'll work on that. All in all, we are happy to have Trixie and she is fitting in nicely here. We're very pleased with her progress. Thank you for your support and for coming out to the house and spending that time with us. It was very helpful and we learned a lot.


Best Regards,


Marina G.

Adoped Jenny, an 18 month-old

Border Collie Mix

February 01, 2014


You were a great help with Jenny! Thanks for all the advice and suggestions you gave us to correct the issues she had. We were unsure how to tackle a lot of these problems like the counter surfing and the constant barking but the exercises you recommended worked well for her. Your knowledge and understanding of dog behavior taught us a lot and helped to reduce her anxiety and fears. She is now a more relaxed and secure dog.


Thanks again,



Greg M. and Sue I.

Adoped Oscar, a two-year-old

Belgian Tervuren

December 16, 2013


The advice and exercises that you have provided are helping and Oscar is settling in very nicely.  We want to thank you for your help and should we ever find ourselves speaking with someone who is looking for help with their dog, we will definitely pass your name along. Things are progressing very well and we are pleased with the way Oscar has joined our clan.


Thanks again...


Greg M

Melissa H.

Adoped Quincy, a ten-year-old

American Eskimo Dog

October 3, 2013


Mark's knowledge and suggestions were very useful in dealing with my dog's fear aggressive behavior.  With his help I was able to learn what would trigger Quincy to bark and bite and change that behaviour.  Quincy is now more relaxed and easier to take care of because of Mark's guidance.  Thanks Mark!


Melissa H.

Sue G.

Secretary - Board of Directors

Mississauga Humane Society

September 25, 2013


Mark has worked extensively with rescued behaviour dogs for the Mississauga Humane Society for 5 months now.  We save those aggressive dogs who will be euthanized if not rescued & rehabilitated.  Trapper, a very people aggressive, animal aggressive (prey driven) & feral dog has been socialized, & trained, become affectionate, & has been adopted by a family who loves him!   Mark helps us to save dogs' lives.  Some of our dogs have sat in foster care with behaviour issues for many months  --  they're now adoptable.


Sue G.

Secretary - Board of Directors

Mississauga Humane Society

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