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Is dog training really necessary?


A surprising number of people don't realize how much a dog learns and adapts to fit into your family. Dogs are great, but they come with some weaknesses. They won't learn all the lessons they need without some help. Without training it is extremely easy for you and your dog to pick up bad habits, unwanted behaviour or frequent miscommunication.



An ounce of prevention


Training connects you to your dog and opens the lines of communication. It is FAR easier to start on the right foot -- with a solid foundation of trust, clear expectations and shared fun -- than it is to correct bad habits after they become a problem.



What's offered?


Pooch Perfect offers a full range of fun and engaging training programs for all dogs. From the most basic puppy preparation to obedience, tricks, agility skills and scent detection we have you covered! But that's not all, with our custom, in-home training we can work together with you and your dog to design a program just for you with clear directions and pointers for the future.



You're not alone!


When you decide to work with Pooch Perfect one training visit is often enough to set you and your dog on the right path but when the training session is over we don't leave you in a lurch to fend for yourself! We're happy to answer your email and phone queries and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We want you to succeed, and asking questions and clarifications, reminders, and support are always available. After your training session is done we also often answer new questions and provide new advice (within reason). Our goal is nothing short of transformed relationships with both happier dogs and people -- and we'll do what it takes to make sure that happens.


So let's make your pooch perfect for you -- the one you've always wanted and know they can be.



Dog Trainer Training and Sitting in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga
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