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Training Techniques Used and Promoted by Pooch Perfect

A lot of people ask about the training methods Pooch Perfect uses. That's a good question, but most people are confused about what a "training method" is and how professional trainers use them.

Pooch Perfect doesn't use canned advice. Many trainers have sets of exercises ready before they even meet you and your dog -- but that's because so many of them subscribe to popular training ideologies that instruct their followers to use a certain "method" and no other. Those trainers believe their "method works" while "other methods don't work". We discuss why this is the case and why this idea is frankly nuts, in this blog:

The Pooch Perfect Guide to Training Methods, Internet and Television Advice... *including our own Please read this article before taking any internet training advice -- including advice from this site!

We don't have to use these canned methods because we understand animals. That's our business.

Pooch Perfect customizes advice and instruction based on:

  • Your history

  • Your skills (strengths and weaknesses)

  • Your personality and your dog's personality, and;

  • Your goals

And we use a broad spectrum of flexible training tools to do so -- within certain limits.

It's uncomfortable to talk about but of the training tools and methods available, some of them can be painful, distressing or even considered cruel. Pooch Perfect would never endorse such methods. This article is about why.

While we encourage setting sensible limits for your pet's behaviour, we never endorse pain, distress or force as a training tool. All our training is designed to grow your relationship with your pet.

Pooch Perfect uses a variety of techniques for training and rehabilitation. The techniques we recommend first are overwhelmingly positive although you may be surprised to hear how many people get into trouble because they fail to set sensible limits for their dog's behaviour. This often leads to situations that detract from the dog-owner relationship or even to situations that are dangerous to dogs and their families. Even if your dog needs more limits, structure or even consequences when they misbehave, even then, Pooch Perfect would hesitate to recommend anything most people would consider 'punishment'.

Pooch Perfect does not promote the use of punishment or related methods. Pooch Perfect promotes methods that use a minimum of intervention. We would always much rather use methods other than 'punishment', but if our clients clearly feel they need to use it after they have been informed of the risks and alternatives we will instruct them on the safest and most effective ways to use those methods, within the following limits:

Pooch Perfect adheres to:

These organizations have expressed the ethical limits of various training techniques far better that I can. Please consider reading these to inform yourself about the risks invovled in training -- to dogs and to people.

Lastly, Pooch Perfect always works with clients to develop techniques and training plans that are both effective and increase the safety and security of the relationship between pet and owner.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

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