COVID-19 Measures

Nov 14 2020

I usually train dogs in people's homes so making sure I, my family, and my clients are safe is a very important thing!

Because of the rising incidence of COVID-19 in our community I am only booking appointments in clients homes:

- After we have spoken via phone and/or videoconference to discuss details of your dog's issues and your training goals. I also offer training advice in the hopes of achieving desired results remotely.

- Where we can spend 90+% of the time outside. I still come inside to talk about and practice indoor training and behaviour management -- but I am keeping these interior visits brief.

I always wear gloves and mask.

I only work in clients' homes for two weeks at a time, then I take two weeks off to ensure there has been no transmission. My phone always has the Canada COVID-19 tracking app on and active.

I am happy to take on additional safety measures as well if you have individual requirements not listed here. As usual, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



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